Yuri Giuntoli

Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name, surname:
Yuri Giuntoli
24th of August 1975 in Pontedera (Pisa, Italy)


With years of experience in the sphere of computers with a special interest in programming, internet and system administration, willing to work in anything related to these subjects.
Willing to follow a professional grow, especially keen on research and documentation, willing to learn any new technology to keep contact with present and future.
Computers, internet, programming and technology in general.
Literature, reading books and poetry.
Music listening.


United Kingdom

Additional information

Italian: native language.
English: excellent written level, good spoken level.
Modern Greek: excellent spoken level, basic written level.
Married from November 2003 with Dr. Alexandra-Anastasia Moulla.
Father of a 14 years-old son, Giovanni-Gianfranco.
Army service:
Carried out, finished on 12th of August 1998.
Driving license:
European driving licence "B" class from 23rd of December 1993.


Elementary school "T. Della Maggiore", Staffoli (Pisa, Italy).
Medium school "C. Banti", Staffoli (Pisa, Italy). Mark: Good.
Business Technical Institute "Enrico Fermi", Pontedera (Pisa, Italy).
Diploma of accountant, business expert and programmer. Mark: 42/60.
Università degli Studi di Pisa (University of Studies in Pisa): Degree course in Information Technology, Computer Science.
Regular attendance for two years, five exams held with profit, then abandon of studies.


Course of Expert in PC advanced systems. Tuscany Region.
Professional title of expert in PC advanced systems. Mark: excellent.
Duration: 700 hours, including one stage care of Futura Infos S.r.l.
Subjects: Office practice (Word, Access, Excel), database organization, Visual Basic programming, SQL, network management.
Technical Data Operator. Defence Ministry.
5th functional title, specialization of Technical Data Operator (technical operator of computers, data management, analysis and processing).

Job experiences

Stage care of Futura Infos S.r.l. during the course of "Expert in PC advanced systems" as novice programmer.
Visual Basic programming on company management.
Care of Futura Infos S.r.l. technical solutions company: Visual Basic programmer.
  • Programming of company management systems in Visual Basic using SQL database: customers/suppliers management, warehouse management, invoicing, balances, statistical analysis, forms, etc.
  • Development of personalized components and technical solutions for the company, integrating with company management applications.
  • Technical assistance for customers.
  • Network management.
Collaborations with various companies as freelance programmer and adviser.
Office experience in the General Staff of Italian Army of the "Centauro" brigade command during army service.
Data management and processing, documents redaction and office jobs in general, using Office computer tools.
Care of Studio Eos architecture studio: technical and software adviser.
  • Administration and support of technical and software tools.
  • Programming of systems of taxes management in Visual Basic and SQL databases (Access).
  • Data management and analysis.
  • Office jobs.
Care of Gruppo Editoriale Infomedia S.r.l. editorial company: responsible of the technical department, webmaster, web programmer, system administrator.
  • Technical support, network administration and system administration of Windows NT, Linux and Solaris servers.
  • Page layout and redaction of online magazines in HTML.
  • Development of customers’ management systems of the company in Delphi, SQL database and Office applications: customers’ management, orders and shipping, storehouse, invoicing, forms, data query and statistical printouts.
  • Management of the Internet site and programming of the online payment system (ecommerce) in Perl and PHP/MySQL.
  • Making of the bonus CD-ROMs attached to magazines.
  • Writing of various reviews about programming published on the technical magazines.
  • Alignment of the systems to the Euro currency.
Care of SITAM-AB, formation company in fashion and design: web programmer, multimedia programmer.
  • Development of the sites of the company, with online community, e-commerce and backoffice in ASP.NET with MS SQL Server.
  • Development of the e-learning multimedia CDs with Macromedia Director and the use of Lingo language.
  • Development of CAD program of pattern design in Director and Lingo.
  • Development of CAD system for fashion design, pattern making, pattern grading and lay planning in Delphi.
  • 3D modelling and video animation with 3D Studio MAX.
  • Setup and administration of online shops.
  • Page layout of books about fashion and pattern making using QuarkXPress.
  • Technical support.
Care of Fashion Express Learning LTD, formation company in fashion and design: web programmer, multimedia programmer.
  • Development of CAD system for fashion design, pattern making, pattern grading and lay planning in Delphi.
  • Setup and administration of online shops.
  • Technical support.

Technical curriculum

Operating systems:
MS-DOS: excellent level as user and developer with knowledge of management services of the system (interrupts, DMA, ports, etc).
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10: excellent level, good knowledge of the system also as developer with the use of API.
Linux/Solaris/UNIX: user level and administration.
MacOS: basic level.
Programming languages:
Delphi: excellent knowledge, used for the development of a CAD system for pattern design and personalization of management applications.
Visual Basic: excellent knowledge, used for development of applications for company management with use of databases and external libraries.
Turbo Pascal: excellent knowledge, including object oriented programming, used in the writing of the technical thesis in high school exams.
Assembler (Intel): good knowledge, DOS and Win32 programming.
Java: basic knowledge.
C/C++: school knowledge.
GWBASIC/Quick Basic: school knowledge.
Cobol: school knowledge.
Web programming:
PHP: excellent knowledge, used in development of dynamic internet sites, portals and e-commerce management with MySQL.
ASP.NET: good knowledge, used for the development of internet sites, online communities and e-commerce management systems with MS SQL Server.
HTML/XHTML: excellent knowledge, used in the development of internet sites and page layout of online magazines.
JavaScript: excellent knowledge.
CSS: excellent knowledge.
Perl: good knowledge, used for the development of e-commerce management systems.
ASP: basic knowledge.
Other technologies:
Macromedia Director: very good knowledge, with use of Lingo programming language.
SQL/Database: very good knowledge (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Access) also with use of stored procedures.
XML: good knowledge, also with use of XSL.
OpenGL: basic knowledge.
Macromedia Flash: basic knowledge.
Other applications:
Office tools:
Word, Excel, Access, Power Point: excellent knowledge.
Graphic tools:
Photoshop, Illustrator: good knowledge.
QuarkXPress: good knowledge.
3D Studio MAX: basic knowledge.